Housing Affordability for All

Together we can fix America’s housing crisis.

Housing Affordability for All

Almost half of American renter households pay more than 30% of their income on housing costs. Federal, state and local governments must work together to tackle the cost of housing in the United States.

Housing Affordability is a Crisis

Housing Affordability is a Crisis

A growing number of working Americans are struggling to find housing they can afford. It is a clear strain on families.

We need policies that address regressive zoning, density restrictions and other requirements that restrict the housing supply and increase costs.

About the issue

Today, more than 40 million Americans call an apartment home.(2019 American Community Survey) test


Most of the nation’s existing rent control laws were instituted as an emergency decree in response to the post-WWII economy.


55% of apartment renter households pay more than 30% of their income on housing.


We need to build an average of 328,000 new apartments per year at a variety of price points to keep up with demand.

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