The Housing Policy Advisory Council Report

By Terry L. Clower, Ph.D.; Kathryn Howell, Ph.D.; Mel Jones; Andrew P. McCoy, Ph.D.; Roy L. Pearson, Ph.D.; Tom Sanchez, Ph.D.; I-Shian (Ivan) Suen, Ph.D.; K. Scott Swan, Ph.D.; Scott Tate, Ph.D.; Mark White, Ph.D.; Katrin B. Anacker; Jeannette Chapman; Dr. Mohan Venigalla, Ph.D.; Dr. Shanjiang Zhu, Ph.D.



This report from the Housing Policy Advisory Council (HPAC) was commissioned by former Gov. McAuliffe to identify and implement actions to enable quality, affordable housing, which will strengthen families and communities and foster economic growth.


Read the report. 


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