Colorado Politics: “Colorado’s housing market is at risk – again”

Earlier this year, a moderate Colorado State Senator cast the decisive vote to kill rent-control legislation. This month, however, he was removed from the crucial Senate committee that hears housing legislation.

Colorado Newsline: “Top Denver officials urge state lawmakers to pass rental assistance during special session”

As Colorado state lawmakers prepare for a special legislative session, city leaders in Denver are urging the legislature to increase funding for rental assistance.

CBS News: “Colorado lawmaker drafts bill to increase accessory dwelling units after her son is kicked out of her garage apartment”

A Colorado state lawmaker is sponsoring a bill to legalize accessory dwelling units (ADUs) statewide.

The Denver Post: “Gov. Jared Polis Proposes Full Funding of Education in Budget . . . and More Housing Development”

Colorado Governor Jared Polis proposed an $18.4 billion budget, including $136 million for initiatives meant to increase housing supply across the state.

Colorado Politics: “Poll shows voters support local governments — not the state — on affordable housing solutions”

Voters in Colorado want solutions to the state’s housing crisis, but based on a recent poll, these same voters appear to support maintaining the status quo with respect to who makes housing policy and how.

Colorado Sun: “It might actually be the NIMBYs.”

A political scientist at the University of Denver crunches the numbers on a recent ballot question to build more housing. His conclusion: NIMBY homeowners were the biggest predictor of opposition to development.

Opinion: Boulder Should Open Its Doors to Development, But Not Rent Control

Convergence Rental Housing Principal Lauren Brockman outlines why Boulder’s housing affordability crisis can best be addressed by providing those in need with financial assistance, increasing development in the city, and avoiding rent control ordinances.

Rent Control Talking Points: Colorado

Opinion: Rent Control is Not the Solution

Colorado Apartment Association President Terry Simone explains why rent control is wrong for Boulder. 

Citing Unaffordability, Survey Finds Only 20% of Denver-area Millennial Renters on Track to Buy Homes

Colorado Politics’ Michael Karlik digs into new data on affordability in Denver.


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