The Colorado Sun: “’Enormous progress’ for tenants: Here’s how the Colorado legislature tried to help renters in 2024”

This year, Colorado state lawmakers passed a collection of housing legislation and reforms that, all together, form one of the state’s largest policy packages aimed at addressing housing affordability challenges. 

Denver7: “Colorado governor, lawmakers tout housing bills as legislative accomplishments”

Colorado’s housing shortage was a leading priority for the state’s legislature this year with lawmakers adopting several housing policies.

Colorado Politics: “Colorado Senate committee approves transit-oriented housing bill with amendments”

House Bill 1313, which would require affordable housing to be built near transit hubs in Colorado, passed the Senate Transportation & Energy Committee on Tuesday.

Colorado Public Radio: “Amid a housing shortage, a proposed measure would give millions in tax incentives to turn empty office spaces into homes”

Colorado lawmakers from Denver and Delta are working on House Bill 1125, a measure that would provide income tax credits for projects that convert commercial space into housing.

Colorado Politics: “Colorado transit-oriented housing bill nears compromise with amendments”

After lengthy debates between the state and local governments, Colorado lawmakers are closer to adopting legislation that would require the construction of affordable housing near public transit hubs statewide.

Aspen Public Radio: “Gov. Polis’ plan to tackle the housing crisis sees some victories but an uncertain future”

This week, Governor Jared Polis’s plan to address Colorado’s housing crisis cleared major hurdles in the state legislature.

Denver7: “Controversial housing bill advances to the Colorado Senate”

Colorado House Bill 1313, which would allow the state to enforce housing density plans around public transit hubs, passed in the State House this weekend.

Denver7: “Gov. Polis says housing costs are at a crisis level in CO, more construction could bring back affordability”

Colorado Governor Jared Polis stressed the importance of his housing agenda during the state’s current legislative session, highlighting a recent poll showing that 95% of Coloradans are worried about the cost of renting or buying homes.

Axios: “What Colorado voters say are the top issues entering 2024 election year”

According to a poll performed in mid-January, homelessness and housing costs rank among the top concerns for Coloradans.

Colorado Springs Gazette: “The Folly of Rent Control”

The president of the Colorado Association of Realtors writes that Colorado must identify and implement solutions to address housing affordability. She stresses the need to increase the supply of residences by removing regulatory barriers that limit how many structures are built and delay the units needed. She also cautions that lawmakers should resist enacting rent-control … Continued


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