Connecticut Public Radio: “CT bill aimed at creating new housing near transportation hubs dies in state Senate”

HB 5390, also known as the “Work, Live, Ride” bill, failed to reach the governor’s desk before the close of Connecticut’s legislative session on May 8th.

CT Mirror: “CT House passes expansive housing bill, with nod to New Canaan”

Last week, Connecticut’s House of Representatives passed H.B. 5474, an expansive housing bill that, among other provisions, incentivizes towns to allow more duplexes and townhomes and allows for abandoned nursing homes to be converted into affordable housing without a special zoning hearing.

Connecticut Public Radio: “Lack of housing stifles CT’s economic growth”

According to local housing and economic development experts, Connecticut’s housing shortage is hurting the state’s economy. 

CT Mirror: “CT Senate passes bill to help convert offices into apartments”

Senate Bill 416, legislation that would require Connecticut towns to permit commercial-to-residential conversion projects without a special zoning hearing, passed the state Senate on Wednesday. 

CT Mirror: “CT bill to increase housing near public transit passes committee”

An amended version of HB 5390, a bill that would encourage housing development near public transit hubs, passed the House Planning and Development Committee last week.

Connecticut Fact Sheet – Click to download information on the housing crisis in CT

Southeastern Connecticut Housing Needs Assessment

Opinion: Affordable Housing Approaches Must Include Educators

Andréa Comer, Executive Director of Educators for Excellence-Connecticut, outlines why affordable housing approaches must always include input from educators.


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