Boston: Rent Control Rears Its Ugly Head, Once Again

“Do we bring it up every two years? There’s other things we can talk about with regard to housing. Why are we letting this take up oxygen?” Massachusetts House Majority Leader Mike Moran (D-Brighton) said in a recent news report.

Housing Affordability in Boston

In many geographies where artificial caps on rent exist, housing underdevelopment has resulted. Given its failed history, it comes as no surprise that the passage of rent control in St. Paul yielded immediate negative consequences.

Opinion: Avoid the Rent Control Trap

WynnCompanies EVP Lynn Bora outlines why rent control is the wrong approach to addressing housing affordability in Massachusetts. 

Editorial: Boston’s Eviction Ban Overreach

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board reacts to the overturn of Boston’s eviction moratorium.

Rent Control Talking Points: Massachusetts

A New Model For Affordable Housing? Tenants And Landlord In Mattapan Reach A Long-term Contract On Rents

Tim Logan reports on a new arrangement that could help preserve workforce housing in Boston. 

Fixing Greater Boston’s Housing Crisis Starts With Legalizing Apartments Near Transit

Report: With September Rents And Mortgages Nearly Due, Mass. Residents Are Short $117 Million

WBUR’s Beth Healy outlines what a new report from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council could mean for housing affordability in the region. 

As Eviction Ban continues, Small Landlords Feel The Squeeze

The Boston Globe’s Tim Logan reports on the difficult position some housing providers have been put in by Massachusetts’ eviction moratorium. 

Mayor Walsh Announces Millions For Affordable Housing Units Across Boston

CBS 4 reports on funding for new affordable housing in Boston.


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