Axios Twin Cities: “How Mayor Frey fought rent control concerns behind the scenes”

As the Minneapolis City Council debated whether to advance a rent control ordinance, the city’s Mayor, Jacob Frey, worked behind the scenes to reassure housing providers.

Twin Cities Business: Rent Control Continues to Chill Development in St. Paul

The ramifications of rent control are continuing to be felt in St. Paul as the planned construction of 2,000 market-rate units remains on hold. The developer stated that the pause results from an inability to find financing after St. Paul voters passed a rent control ballot measure in 2021. The project, which was planned years … Continued

Building permits drop by nearly 50% in one year after St. Paul adopts rent control

We know that rent control laws lead to a reduction in the available supply of rental housing in a community, and that is just one of the reasons we warned against adopting these unhelpful policies in St. Paul, Minnesota. Now we are seeing the impact of rent control policies on construction as well.

Local Housing Market in Turmoil After St. Paul Rent Control Vote

In many geographies where artificial caps on rent exist, housing underdevelopment has resulted. Given its failed history, it comes as no surprise that the passage of rent control in St. Paul yielded immediate negative consequences.

Developers Pause St. Paul Projects After Rent Control Vote

Katie Galioto and Shannon Prather with the Star Tribune report on the fallout resulting from St. Paul’s new rent control policy.

Opinion: Reject Efforts to Add Rent Control

The Star Tribune Editorial Board outlines their opposition to rent control proposals in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

NIMBYism and Rent Control: Recipes for Disaster

The reemergence of NIMBYism and rent control threaten to worsen America’s housing affordability crisis.

Housing Construction In Minnesota Never Really Recovered After The Great Recession. Now Federal Policymakers Are Looking To Give It A Boost.

Ashley Hackett and Greta Kaul report on Minnesota’s severe housing shortage.

Rent Control Talking Points: Minnesota

Lawmakers Want Limits on Cities’ Power to Shape Development, to Lower Housing Costs

The Star Tribune’s Eric Roper reports on two bills that would ease local zoning practices and encourage housing development. 


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