Housing Construction In Minnesota Never Really Recovered After The Great Recession. Now Federal Policymakers Are Looking To Give It A Boost.

Ashley Hackett and Greta Kaul report on Minnesota’s severe housing shortage.

Rent Control Talking Points: Minnesota

Lawmakers Want Limits on Cities’ Power to Shape Development, to Lower Housing Costs

The Star Tribune’s Eric Roper reports on two bills that would ease local zoning practices and encourage housing development. 

Communities Tackle New Approaches To Housing Affordability

Sutton Dunwoodie with The Hill reports on new efforts in Minneapolis to encourage the construction of more affordable housing. 

How Minneapolis Freed Itself From the Stranglehold of Single-Family Homes

Politico Magazine takes an in-depth look into how Minneapolis rewrote its decades-old zoning rules to accommodate growth and improve affordability. 

Minnesota Fact Sheet – Click to download information on the housing crisis in MN

NYT Editorial: Americans Need More Neighbors

As rent control regulations are renewed in New York, The New York Times Editorial Board breaks down how a big idea in Minneapolis points the way for other cities desperately in need of housing. The growing city did away with single-family zoning to make way for the creation of more housing.

Star Tribune: Minneapolis approves use of tax subsidies for market-rate housing

The Minneapolis City Council approved the use of tax subsidies for a large housing complex of affordable housing. The project is an example of the public and private sectors coming together to improve affordable housing shortages in the region. 


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