What Is Growing Homes Together

Growing Homes Together (GHT) is a project of the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) designed to spark discussions at the national, state and local levels about policy solutions to improve America’s housing crisis.

As part of NMHC’s efforts to proactively promote smart solutions to the housing affordability crisis, GHT aims to:

  1. Stop adverse housing policies, most notably efforts in state and municipalities to enact rent control measures

  2. Advance industry-supported solutions that will address the significant imbalance between housing supply and demand

  3. Partner and mobilize with like-minded organizations to echo our messages

  4. Utilize the full suite of communications channels to drive meaningful interaction with lawmakers

  5. Engage with national, regional and local reporters to inform media coverage
To help inform our GHT campaign, NMHC has invested in significant research to ensuring we are conveying messages that will resonate with the public. For more information, please contact Jim Lapides at

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