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NYT Editorial: Americans Need More Neighbors

NYT Editorial: Americans Need More Neighbors

As rent control regulations are renewed in New York, The New York Times Editorial Board breaks down how a big idea in Minneapolis points the way for other cities desperately in need of housing. The growing city did away with single-family zoning to make way for the creation of more housing.


Increasing the supply of urban housing would help to address a number of the problems plaguing the United States. Construction could increase economic growth and create blue-collar jobs. Allowing more people to live in cities could mitigate inequality and reduce carbon emissions. Yet in most places, housing construction remains wildly unpopular. People who think of themselves as progressives, environmentalists and egalitarians fight fiercely against urban development, complaining about traffic and shadows and the sanctity of lawns.


That’s why a recent breakthrough in Minneapolis is so important. The city’s political leaders have constructed a broad consensus in favor of more housing. And the centerpiece is both simple and brilliant: Minneapolis is ending single-family zoning.


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