HousingWire: “Congressional lawmakers form bipartisan real estate caucus”

U.S. Representatives Mark Alford (R-MS), J. Luis Correa (D-CA), Tracey Mann (R-KS) and Brittany Petterson (D-CO) recently established the Bipartisan Congressional Real Estate Caucus, a group aiming to promote policies that will allow the real estate industry and American economy to thrive.

Bloomberg: “Want to Reduce the Cost of Housing? Build More of It”

Matthew Yglesias, author and Bloomberg housing columnist, argues that the obvious and most effective long-standing solution to the housing crisis is to build more housing.

Marketplace: “How landlords and tenants are reacting to a changing rental market”

The post-COVID rental market is experiencing significant changes affecting renters and landlords alike.

POLITICO Magazine: “Political Leaders Are Finally Responding to the Housing Crisis. They Need to Move Faster”

Nationwide, cities and states are tackling the same issue: overly restrictive zoning policies that impede or prohibit new housing construction.

Hey SoCal: “Schiff introduces bill to turn government buildings into affordable housing”

This week, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA-30) introduced a bill that aims to repurpose the federal government’s inventory of roughly 45,000 underutilized buildings for affordable housing.

The New York Times: “Biden Suggests a Bigger Federal Role to Reduce Housing Costs”

Economists in the Biden administration are taking aim at what they believe to be one of the most significant challenges facing the president’s re-election campaign: lack of federal action on housing costs.

The New York Times: “Fudge Steps Down as Housing Secretary”

Marcia Fudge, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, will step down on March 22nd after three years.

National Multifamily Housing Council: “NMHC Report: Rent Regulation Policy in the United States”

The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) released a literature review analyzing the negative effects of rent regulations last week.

Urban Institute: “Place the Blame Where It Belongs”

The Urban Institute released a new report last week, aptly titled “Place the Blame Where It Belongs.” Two things make this report stand out: (1) the speed with which it gets to the point and (2) the systematic way in which it debunks myths about housing affordability in America.

Bloomberg: “Europe’s Red Tape Puts €82 Billion in Housing Investment at Risk”

A lesson from Europe about housing policy


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