The Cincinnati Enquirer: “Opinion: Rent control hampers new housing development, upward mobility”

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is considering a novel legal strategy to enact rent control nationwide. But Don Brunner, President and CEO of BRG Realty Group, explains why such a plan is destined to fail.

Bloomberg CityLab: Building More Housing Can Combat Rising Rents

New research out of New York University’s Furman Center revealed that the rules of supply and demand apply to housing affordability. Researchers found that new housing production can slow rent growth in cities and free up more affordable vacant units in surrounding neighborhoods. – Bloomberg CityLab

Rent Control Fact Sheet – November 2023

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis: “States reform regulations to support more housing production”

In recent years, many states have enacted reforms to boost housing construction as a way to combat the housing crisis.

Times of San Diego: Proposed Federal Rent Control Would Make Housing Crisis Worse

In an opinion piece, California-based housing developer Rick Snyder stresses that a proposal to impose rent control on loans backed by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae would only worsen housing affordability. “Federal rent control would have a destabilizing impact on America’s housing market and capital markets more broadly. You don’t need to be a housing … Continued

National Governors Association: Governors’ Responses to Challenges In Housing Availability and Affordability

Housing affordability is a problem shared by nearly every state in America, and some governors are looking to address it with innovative policymaking.

FOX Business: “Rent Control Laws Could Be Contributing to Shortage of Affordable Housing”

Rent control laws are contributing to a shortage of affordable housing, according to economists.

Stateline: “A Historic Housing Construction Boom May Finally Moderate Rent Hikes”

In the last two years, the housing supply has surged in many parts of the country, with more apartments under construction in each of the last two years than in any year since the federal government began keeping track. The result is that rents are flattening and even declining in some cities.

Governors Tackle Housing Issues Head-On

Three governors in states facing serious housing affordability challenges began the year announcing plans to address the housing shortages in their states.

St. Paul Residents Continue to Feel the Pain of Rent Control

Misguided policies like rent control are shown time and time again to dissuade investment while failing to meaningfully help those in the most need. Since passing a rent control ballot initiative in November 2021, St. Paul has experienced first-hand the widespread challenges resulting from rent control. Residents are recognizing that although rent control may be well-intentioned, whenever and wherever enacted, these policies fail in delivering effective housing solutions.


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