Billions of Dollars in Federal Rental Aid Remains Stalled in Slow-moving States, Localities

Colorado Newsline’s Laura Olson reports on the state of rental aid distribution.

Opinion: The Gentrification of Blue America

New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman reflects on the effects of NIMBYism in California. 

Opinion: We Need to Build Our Way Out of This Mess

Eli Dourado, an economist for the Center for Growth, outlines steps to address America’s housing affordability crisis. 

Opinion: Eviction Doomsday Isn’t Coming. Here’s Why

Jay Parsons, VP and Deputy Chief Economist at RealPage, outlines why the mass eviction narrative may be over-exaggerated.

Underbuilding Has Led to ‘Acute Shortage’ of Housing and ‘Affordability Crisis,’ Study Says

Ilcye Glink and Samuel J. Tamkin with the Washington Post report on new data on the housing construction gap in the U.S.

Opinion: The Magnitude of Our Housing Shortage Requires More Action

Advocates describe the severity of the housing affordability crisis facing the Puget Sound region.

5 Takeaways From Utah’s Rental Market Squeeze

Katie McKellar with the Deseret News outlines the market conditions that are driving rent increases in Utah.

Georgia to Receive $18 Million for New Emergency Housing Voucher Program

Abraham Kenmore with the Augusta Chronicle reports on how new targeted rental assistance funds are being deployed to help Georgians.

Stimulus Checks Substantially Reduced Hardship, Study Shows

Jason DeParle outlines new researchers demonstrating the role stimulus checks played in helping reduce financial hardship.

Housing Construction In Minnesota Never Really Recovered After The Great Recession. Now Federal Policymakers Are Looking To Give It A Boost.

Ashley Hackett and Greta Kaul report on Minnesota’s severe housing shortage.


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