Opinion: Boulder Should Open Its Doors to Development, But Not Rent Control

Convergence Rental Housing Principal Lauren Brockman outlines why Boulder’s housing affordability crisis can best be addressed by providing those in need with financial assistance, increasing development in the city, and avoiding rent control ordinances.

Opinion: Avoid the Rent Control Trap

WynnCompanies EVP Lynn Bora outlines why rent control is the wrong approach to addressing housing affordability in Massachusetts. 

Eviction Ban Rollback Didn’t Result in ‘Vast Wave’ of Filings, Says Larry Summers

Samuel Dorman with Fox Business outlines former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers response to false claims about a rise in evictions. 

Editorial: Boston’s Eviction Ban Overreach

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board reacts to the overturn of Boston’s eviction moratorium.

Biden Administration to Redirect Rental-Assistance Funds to Areas With Greater Demand

Andrew Ackerman with the Wall Street Journal details how the U.S. Treasury Department plans to shift its rental assistance allocation strategy.

Developers Pause St. Paul Projects After Rent Control Vote

Katie Galioto and Shannon Prather with the Star Tribune report on the fallout resulting from St. Paul’s new rent control policy.

Editorial: With Broad Renter Aid Available, End Eviction Moratoriums

The Seattle Times Editorial Board makes the case for ending Washington State’s eviction moratorium.

Mass Evictions Didn’t Result After U.S. Ban Ended, Despite Fears

Wall Street Journal housing reporter Will Parker outlines why eviction filings did not surge following the end of the CDC’s eviction moratorium as many suggested. 

Opinion: Reject Efforts to Add Rent Control

The Star Tribune Editorial Board outlines their opposition to rent control proposals in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

California’s New Housing Laws: Here’s What to Know

New York Times ‘California Today’ writer Soumya Karlamangla explains the two new housing bills signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom. 


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