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Raimondo Vows To Boost Housing Supply In R.I

Raimondo Vows To Boost Housing Supply In R.I

The Providence Journal reports on Gov. Raimondo’s housing pledge.

PROVIDENCE — Rhode Island has joined its northeast neighbors at a “tipping point” of high housing costs, Gov. Gina Raimondo said Thursday in announcing her intention to make the construction of more new homes in the state a priority in 2020.

“For me it is a moral imperative and economic imperative, and I think it is at a tipping point, an inflection point,” Raimondo told a crowd of advocates and officials at a state housing forum at the Rhode Island Convention Center. “You can’t have a healthy community and thriving children and a healthy economy unless you have a sufficient amount of affordable, secure housing in every community.”

Raimondo called the problem here one of supply and demand, where too few homes are being built to meet demand in many segments of the market and periodic affordable-housing bonds are not sufficient to fill the gap.

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