Opinion: Boulder Should Open Its Doors to Development, But Not Rent Control

Convergence Rental Housing Principal Lauren Brockman outlines why Boulder’s housing affordability crisis can best be addressed by providing those in need with financial assistance, increasing development in the city, and avoiding rent control ordinances.

Rent Control Talking Points: Colorado

Opinion: Rent Control is Not the Solution

Colorado Apartment Association President Terry Simone explains why rent control is wrong for Boulder. 

Citing Unaffordability, Survey Finds Only 20% of Denver-area Millennial Renters on Track to Buy Homes

Colorado Politics’ Michael Karlik digs into new data on affordability in Denver.

Colorado Cities Want to Embrace “Gentle Density” of Granny Flats, but They’re Hitting Speed Bumps

Kevin Simpson with The Colorado Sun dives into the push for cities throughout the state to ease regulations around the construction of accessory dwelling units.

Colorado Fact Sheet – Click to download information on the housing crisis in CO

Opinion: Tackling the Cost of Housing

Mark Windhager, president of the Colorado Apartment Association, pens an op-ed to the Colorado Springs Gazette debunking the concept of rent control.


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