Boston Globe: Governor Healey Weighs in on Rent Control

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey expressed skepticism over rent control, noting that addressing housing shortage is the most effective way to tackle affordability. “We lower rents by building more housing,” Healey stated. “More housing means more supply, means lowering of costs.” She noted that she supports a community’s right to make decisions around rent control for … Continued

Boston Herald: Treat Landlords as Allies to Fight Housing Crisis

The Boston Herald editorial board offered a strong argument against rent control, suggesting that the city of Boston would be better served focusing on policies to spur housing development. With respect to rent control, the editorial board wrote, “Would landlords’ costs be capped as well, or are they expected to eat the cost of stagnant … Continued

Boston Globe: “Rent control gets renewed push in hesitant Mass. Legislature”

Yesterday, Massachusetts state lawmakers heard hours of testimony for and against several proposals to lift the state’s ban on rent control.

Boston Herald: Massachusetts Rent Control Ballot Campaign Fails

An effort to place a rent control question on the 2024 ballot collapsed, falling far short of the nearly 75,000 signatures needed to proceed. State Rep. Mike Connolly, who led the effort, plans to push to eliminate statewide rent control preemption through legislative channels, though state lawmakers have resisted such an approach in past years. … Continued “Mass. residents are concerned about housing. Here’s what they think should be done about it, according to poll.”

Massachusetts voters see the high cost of housing as a top concern, according to a recent UMass Amherst poll. But the poll also revealed that Massachusetts voters are latching on to false solutions to the state’s housing problems.

The Boston Globe: “Healey Makes First Major Housing Push”

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey released a package of sweeping housing reforms for legislative consideration.

Boston: Rent Control Rears Its Ugly Head, Once Again

“Do we bring it up every two years? There’s other things we can talk about with regard to housing. Why are we letting this take up oxygen?” Massachusetts House Majority Leader Mike Moran (D-Brighton) said in a recent news report.

Housing Affordability in Boston

In many geographies where artificial caps on rent exist, housing underdevelopment has resulted. Given its failed history, it comes as no surprise that the passage of rent control in St. Paul yielded immediate negative consequences.

Opinion: Avoid the Rent Control Trap

WynnCompanies EVP Lynn Bora outlines why rent control is the wrong approach to addressing housing affordability in Massachusetts. 

Editorial: Boston’s Eviction Ban Overreach

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board reacts to the overturn of Boston’s eviction moratorium.


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