The Baltimore Sun: “Baltimore City Council advances inclusive housing legislation despite some concerns”

The Baltimore City Council advanced two bills yesterday that would significantly change its inclusionary zoning policies.

Bisnow: “‘A Bloodbath’: The Reckoning For Rent-Stabilized Apartment Owners Is Starting To Set In”

Owners of rent-stabilized apartments are facing a financial crisis, according to reporting by Bisnow.

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis: “States reform regulations to support more housing production”

In recent years, many states have enacted reforms to boost housing construction as a way to combat the housing crisis.

Colorado Newsline: “Top Denver officials urge state lawmakers to pass rental assistance during special session”

As Colorado state lawmakers prepare for a special legislative session, city leaders in Denver are urging the legislature to increase funding for rental assistance.

Boston Globe: “Rent control gets renewed push in hesitant Mass. Legislature”

Yesterday, Massachusetts state lawmakers heard hours of testimony for and against several proposals to lift the state’s ban on rent control.

The Baltimore Banner: “Three Things to Watch as Baltimore Considers Affordable Housing Requirements”

The Baltimore City Council is considering changing its mandatory affordable housing ordinance. Under the new proposal, developers would be required to reserve a larger share of new units for low-income residents at below-market-rate rents.

CBS News: “Colorado lawmaker drafts bill to increase accessory dwelling units after her son is kicked out of her garage apartment”

A Colorado state lawmaker is sponsoring a bill to legalize accessory dwelling units (ADUs) statewide.

Los Angeles Daily News: “Driving owners of rental housing out of business is no solution to the housing shortage”

For more than three years, Los Angeles housing providers have been barred from raising rents, thanks to an emergency rent freeze implemented at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the City Council is considering whether to end the freeze or to extend it for another six months.

Boston Herald: Massachusetts Rent Control Ballot Campaign Fails

An effort to place a rent control question on the 2024 ballot collapsed, falling far short of the nearly 75,000 signatures needed to proceed. State Rep. Mike Connolly, who led the effort, plans to push to eliminate statewide rent control preemption through legislative channels, though state lawmakers have resisted such an approach in past years. … Continued

Baltimore Banner: Maryland Housing Secretary Says Rent Control Unlikely

At a recent forum, Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development Secretary Jacob Day noted that the state legislature is unlikely to consider rent control. Day said rent control measures might not support the rise of such expenses such as real estate taxes and insurance costs, which could dissuade developers from entering the market. Day … Continued


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